Advantages of Hiring a Car

If you don’t regularly use a car it may be worthwhile looking into hiring a vehicle as and when you need it, rather than buying one permanently. Whilst the convenience of purchasing your own car is great, there are also some huge benefits to the alternative of renting a car.

Save Money on Annual Fees

One phrase that all car owners use frequently is that it is not the cost of buying a car but the expense of running a car which is difficult to afford. It is easy to pick up a cheap vehicle for just a few hundred pounds but with the additional legal costs of tax, MOTs and insurance your ‘bargain’ vehicle can soon cost in the region of thousands, not to mention any repairs that need doing. By hiring a vehicle you won’t pay for these fees, except for insurance however due to the duration this will be at a fraction of the price!

More Choice

By hiring a vehicle you may have the option to drive a car that you would never otherwise be able to afford through buying it outright. It also gives you the choice to choose a vehicle suitable to the purpose such as large family outings which might need larger seating capacity, a small two seater vehicle for a town break or an off-road vehicle for more adventurous terrain. It can also help you to ‘test drive’ a vehicle you are thinking of buying over a length of time rather than in the pressures of the showroom.

Holiday Transport

If you are hiring a vehicle for leisure purposes such as a trip away whether in the UK or abroad, you will find it much more convenient than using public transport and cheaper than using taxis. It also gives you the flexibility to use the vehicle when you need or to change your plans as opposed to waiting for public transport. Some car owners choose to hire a vehicle on holiday rather than take their own so that they do not have to worry about wear and tear.

If you live in a busy town centre where it is busy to park or where the public transport services are frequent then it may be that there is no need for you to own a car. It can also be difficult to park in residential areas, some of which have restrictions on parking or limited spaces. Hiring a car can be a money saving and attractive alternative, whether you are doing it for test driving, money saving or holiday use.